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How to check balance?

For security reasons, Pokefi users can't check data balance without connecting to the Pokefi WiFi network.  Since data is required to communicate with back end servers to retrieve account information, please make sure you are maintaining enough data balance for the access.  If you are out of data balance, it will show "network no response"  you won't be able to login.  

Referring to the screen captures, there are two current released (standard & advance) versions.  Advance version has remote Restart & Shutdown buttons at the top.  You may find data balance and package details respectively.

Here are the steps to access Pokefi admin page:

- Connect to the Pokefi WiFi network

- Open a browser

- Type in full address http://a.pokefi or

Pokefi admin is an internal pages, only link to the Pokefi WiFi network can grant the access. It's unique for each device.

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