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First Time User (Watch demo)


The Pokefi Starter Kit comes with 5GB global data, you just need to:


  1. find your device unique ID (SSID & PWD) inside the removal cover or label on the box

  2. open the back cover (assist with a plastic card if it's necessary, click here how)

  3. remove the isolation plastic from inside the battery compartment (click here how)

  4. turn on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, wait for the WIFI signal turns from Red to Green (wait about 2 minutes depending on locations, try from out door or open area if possible)

  5. choose the WIFI network (default name is the SSID starts from PWF......)  and type in the PWD


You are connected! How does it work? Click here


What to do if the device WIFI signal keeps flashing RED for more than three minutes?

This means the signal in the particular location is weak, suggest to turn off the device and try again in different locations. You may want to check the signal of your mobile device (click here for example).

What does it mean when the WIFI signal is in RED solid not flashing?

There are a few situations you will see solid RED light signal, and you can contact us to help identify the issue.

1, Not in coverage countries/territories

2. System failure or hardware failure

3. Out of system capacity - in this situation, you can wait till someone releases the line for you to sign in

4. No mobile signal, such as basement or airport areas within a certain distance due to WIFI signaling control

WiFi lights.jpeg

​It's important to understand the WiFi light status. Green or Red, flashing or not, indicates different meanings. 

To manage your Pokefi, on Pokefi WiFi network, please open a browser and type in http://a.pokefi or

How to prevent unintentional data use?

Sometimes you have the feeling of data goes away too fast than expected without knowing why.  Click here for useful tips to prevent unintentional data use.  Pocket WiFi network will use more data than cellular network, there are Data Monitor apps you can download to measure data usage. Click here for example.

How long do I need to wait to have connection?

Normally, when you turn on the Pokefi, the device will start searching for available networks.  You will see the ON/OFF button is blinking Blue, while the WIFI signal is blinking RED.  Normally, it will take about one minute depending on locations, the WIFI signal will turn to Green.  Green means network connection is available.

What to do if abnormal WIFI signals or can not charge the device?

Try the following steps:

  • remove the back cover, take out the battery from the compartment

  • reinstall the battery

  • turn on the Pokefi, wait for the Green signal (it might take longer time than normal, please wait for a while)

  • keep the Green signal on for at least 5 minutes

  • turn off the Pokefi, then turn on again, wait for Green signal blinking


When do I need to register?

Registration is not compulsory, you can start experiencing the device without registration.   However, in order to verify your Pokefi ownership and allow us to serve you better, we do recommend to complete the registration anytime at your convenience.

How do I turn off the device?

Simply press the “O” (ON) button for 5 seconds, it turns Red, then off automatically.


How to change passwords?

You can manage password by accessing the Pokefi device management page, open a browser, type in http://a.pokefi (must connect to the Pokefi WiFi network), choose My Device. after login, choose HOTSPOT to change WiFi name & password (be reminded password will required at least 8 digits or characters).  Please reconnect your Pokefi after changing the WiFi name.

How to reset password?

In case you forgot the customized passwords and need to reset to factory default, we will need to verify ownership. Please email to, subject RESET PASSWORD with any of following information.

- the last few locations you have used the Pokefi, serial number or default SSID

- or proof of purchase, such as invoice copy

- or If you have registered, please provide serial number or default SSID and the registered email. 

Where can I find more information about the Pokefi device, such as battery level, usage etc.?

Once you are connected to the Pokefi WiFi network, open a browser type in http://a.pokefi or, you will find information such as balance, battery level etc. from the Pokefi admin page. 

Why it’s not connected?

Please check the followings:

  • Confirmed the device is on, the ON/OFF button should be blinking in Blue color

  • Confirmed the signal light is blinking Green color (if Red color means no network coverage, please turn off the device and wait for 1 minute, then turn ON again)

  • Make sure WiFi is ON

  • Make sure you have chosen the right hotspot network

  • Make sure you have enough account balance

  • Make sure the Pokefi device is within the range


If you have checked the above, and still can’t get connected.  It could be network coverage issue.  We partner with different local network operators to provide the best possible services for our users.  However, there are still blind spots with weak signals, such as basements.  We suggest you walk around , try from outdoor or open areasto find out locations with better reception.


Pokefi hotspot will not work on open water, only satellite technology works far from land, it will work only when you ship get closer to ports and at cruise destination. The closer you are to land, the better connection you will receive.

In case you feel the connection is too slow or not performing well, please try turn off the Pokefi, wait at least 15-20 minutes, turn on the Pokefi and wait for the Green signal, it might help.


How to top up my data plans?

There are two ways you can top up your Pokefi:

a) Instant topup (depending on credit card clearance, system will refresh as quick as within 10 mins) - this option you will need to connect to the Pokefi WiFi network. Open a browser, type in full address http://a.pokefi, there is a Pokefi device management page, choose Package (Please make sure you have chosen the Pokefi WiFi network).  In case you are out of data (WiFi signal light turns to SOLID Green), after chose package and effective date, you need change to another WiFi with internet connection and back to page"confirm payment" it'll go through.

b) via website - this option you don't need to have the Pokefi with you.  You can top up  remotely, however since it's a batch process, please be aware it will take up to 24 hours to load packages.  And you will need to provide Pokefi serial number during checking out.

How long the battery will last?

The battery will last up to about 12-16 hours for continuous use depending on firmware versions.  If you connect more than 1 device or staying in weak signal locations for long time, the battery will run out faster than normal.


How do I know the battery is running out?

You can check the battery level by accessing the Pokefi device management page http://a.pokefi.  The ON/OFF button will be refreshing Red when battery runs below 30%.  It’s suggested that you should charge your device within an hour.


How to charge the device?

Pokefi uses standard Micro USB cable to charge.  The battery is interchangeable that means you can buy an extra battery as spare for long trips. It's suggested to turn OFF the Pokefi while charging and use 2A output charger for faster charging.  When it's fully charged, the Blue light around the ON button will turn from flashing to solid.

Why I can't open the device management page?

You can access to the device management http://a.pokefi ONLY when you are on Pokefi WiFi network, it's Pokefi internal page unique for each device.  Please make sure you have chosen the right WiFi hotspot network

How do I know run out of data plan? 

The WiFi signal light will turn to Green solid if account balance is zero.  Please top up from our website   Be reminded to provide your S/N# before checking out.

How to prevent Pokefi from overheating? 

High temperature could cause Pokefi to malfunction, to prevent it from overheating, you should :

  • take out and inspect your battery from time to time and make sure it’s not leaking or bloated

  • avoid direct sunlight for an extended period of time

  • remove the case when charging

  • allow the air to move freely around it regularly 

  • do not use case that have a tendency to keep the heat in

  • turn it off in very weak mobile signal reception areas, such as basement


Pokefi has over-heat self-protection, it will shut down when internal temperature is dangerously high. You should wait until it cools down before switching it on again. 

Need more help?

Please contact us at

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