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There are two ways you can top up your Pokefi.  To avoid delays, you are recommended to use option a) for topup.


a) Instant topup (depending on credit card clearance, system will refresh as quick as within 10 mins) - this option you will need to connect to the Pokefi WiFi network. Open a browser, type in full address http://a.pokefi, there is a Pokefi admin page, choose Package (Please make sure you have chosen the Pokefi WiFi network). Since data is required to communicate with back end servers to retrieve account information, please make sure you are maintaining enough data balance for the access.


b) via website - this option you don't need to have the Pokefi with you.  You can top up  remotely, however since it's a batch process, please be aware it will take up to 24 hours to load packages.  And you will need to provide Pokefi serial number during checking out.

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