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Pokefi Update Instruction ver230518

1. Preparation

a. Ensure the Pokefi is at least 30% charged or connect the Pokefi to the power supply

b. A computer with WiFi and Internet connection

c. Download the update module from here or copy and paste the follow website address to the browser

d. Specify the path to store the update module and record the path details if you are promoted

e. Make sure you have read the instruction manual before proceeding

 2. Connect to the Pokefi

a. Switch on the Pokefi

b. Connect the computer/iPad/mobile phone to the Pokefi

i. Find the WiFi name you specified before.  Or use the default SSID from the Pokefi package box or the label inside the battery compartment

ii.Connect computer/iPad/mobile phone to the Pokefi WiFi


iii. Input the password you specified before or the default PWD printed on the Pokefi box or the label inside the battery compartment


3. Access the Pokefi update page

a. Open a web browser (Google Chrome is recommended)

b. Input and go to the following website address!/menu/sysupgrade

c. Click "Choose File"


4. Update the Pokefi Firmware

a. Go to the path with the downloaded update module

b. Select the file “”

c. Click "Upload” button


d. Wait for the upload finished


e. Click the "Upgrade" button​


f. Verifying


g. Installing

h. Wait for the upgrading finished.  (The upgrade takes approximately 10-30 minutes to finish, STAY ON the upgrade page and DO NOT press any button on the page until the update finishes. (Note: some might take longer time depending on Pokefi's existing firmware version)


i. After the reboot message appears, DO NOT press the Pokefi on/off button and keep the battery installed.  Observe the Pokefi signal indicator, the indicator will go off for 2-3 minutes, then go back on with the WiFi signal flashing in Green. 

(If the Pokefi signal indicator does not go back on after 5 minutes, restart the Pokefi and repeat steps 2, 3 and 5)

5. Verify the updated version

a.Connect the computer to the Pokefi WiFi

b. Input and go to the following website address!/menu/sysupgrade through a browser

c. Verify if the version is 1.07 or above

d. The upgrade is successful

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