Customer satisfaction is our priority! As concerns continue about the coronavirus known as COVID-19, we understand you may need to re-schedule your travel plans. SmartGo is giving Pokefi users additional flexibility about your “expiring soon” data package(s), we continue to offer FREE extension.  Here is the new arrangement:


Non-activated new package(s) expiry date on or before 31st December 2021

5GB/1GB/500MB Data: One-year extension from request date

5-Daypasses/1-Daypass: Three-months extension from request date       


Before your package expires, please submit your request to sales@mxdfs.com subject: Package Extension (Pokefi S/N details  where to find).  Allow us approximate 7 working days to process your request and we will communicate via email individually.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  As usual, we are always here to support users with our best efforts!                                                                                                 1st  July 2021