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Compulsory Updates 

Due to an important update of our service vendor, a small percentage of Pokefi must TURN ON at least 20 mins before the following listed deadline to receive an automated update.  Affected devices' S/N range between 351502101726883- 351502102766649.


Deadline to receive OVER-THE-AIR (OTA) auto updates:

·       31 July 2022 15:59 (GMT+0)

·       31 July 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)

·       31 July 2022 08:59 US Eastern coast time

·       31 July 2022 11:59 US Western coast time


The action is required to maintain service continuity for those in the affected S/N range! Please use the S/N checker below to see if you need further actions.


S/N must be 15 digits

No matching records found (it's either not in the affected S/N range or wrong S/N provided)

Our records show that your device has been updated

ACTION REQUIRED  You must TURN ON your Pokefi before 31st July 2022 (GMT+8).

  • Keep the Pokefi on with WiFi light in Green flashing for at least 20 mins, system will update automatically.

  • If your Pokefi does not receive the update automatically, after the deadline your Pokefi service will be suspended.  To resume service,  you will need to manually connect the Pokefi to a PC to complete the update.

Manual update is required for your Pokefi, the data connectivity service is now temporary unavailable until successful updates have been completed.   

  1. Read the instruction manual first

  2. Cut and paste the following URL to a browser and download the file

  3. Complete the updates as instructed

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