Compulsory Updates Immmediate Action Required!

Due to an important update of our service vendor, a small percentage of Pokefi must TURN ON at least 20 mins before the following listed deadline to receive an automated update.  Affected devices S/N range between 351502101726883- 351502102766649.


Deadline to receive OVER-THE-AIR (OTA) auto updates:

·       31 July 2022 15:59 (GMT+0)

·       31 July 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)

·       31 July 2022 08:59 US Eastern coast time

·       31 July 2022 11:59 US Western coast time


The action is required to maintain service continuity for those in the affected S/N range! Please use the S/N checker below to see if you need further actions. Come back and check again before 31st July 2022 (GMT+8) to make sure your S/N has been updated. 


S/N must be 15 digits

No matching records found (it's either not in the affected S/N range or wrong S/N provided)

Our records show that your device has been updated

ACTION REQUIRED  You must TURN ON your Pokefi before 31st July 2022 (GMT+8).

  • Keep the Pokefi on with WiFi light in Green flashing for at least 20 mins, system will update automatically.

  • If your Pokefi does not receive the update automatically, after the deadline your Pokefi service will be suspended.  To resume service,  you will need to manually connect the Pokefi to a PC to complete the update.

On list, manual update: download rom