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5GB Data China VPN

5GB Data China VPN

  • Details

    Enjoy your GFW free Internet service in Mainland China.  No restrictions on Facebook/Line/WhatsApp/Google services anymore.  Expires in 2 years from the time of purchase.


    China VPN package only covers Mainland CHINA (except XinJiang Province), service is provided by roaming operator partner(s).  

  • Purchase Instruction

    You need a Pokefi device to purchase this item.


    Please allow up to 24 hours system synchronization (no physical delivery) to add the purchased data plan into your package. If you need a real time process, please have your device turned ON and connected to the Pokefi WiFi, then go to http://a.pokefi, choose top up via PACKAGES.


    To top up from here, you must provide us S/N# of your Pokefi device (you can find the S/N# inside the backcover).  Please input your 15 digits S/N#.

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