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PokeBuddy2 Battery Charger for Pokefi

PokeBuddy2 Battery Charger for Pokefi


**For Pokefi Li-polymer battery ONLY**

Input: 5V / 1A - 2A | Output: 4.35V / 0.9A - 1.7A

Weight: 18g 



  • Description

    Specifically designed for the convenience of Pokefi users on the go. Use this Pokebuddy2 to charge and optimize the overall performance of the Pokefi battery.  Included a high speed micro USB cable (battery excluded).

  • Attention

    **Restricted to charge Pokefi Li-polymer battery model SY300-1 only:

    • Pokefi model# SG-PWF39
    • Pokefi model# SG-PWF79

    Check specifications before charging other types of battery.

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