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Repair Service Request

Please read terms and conditions at the below, note down your product serial number and shipping tracking number before shipping your product to our office


Section 1: Ship Out Info

Section 2: Device Info

Bundled Accessories:
Possible Issues:

Section 3: Return Info

Section 4: Out of Warranty Related


Pokefi standard warranty is 2 years carry-in/send-in from date of purchase. Free warranty does not apply to defects resulting from any customer actions, such as mishandling, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits (such as liquid damages), misapplication, improper repair, or unauthorized modification.  
Out of warranty and void warranty service inspection fee is @HK$100. This charge can be waived if you buy data packages value equal or higher than HK$240 upon service claim. We will inspect your product to determine the final fee.

CHARGES  (including parts & labours) (effective 1st Jan 2022)
Main board: @HK$600
CPU: @HK$200
USB port: @HK$100
Memory: @HK$100
Electronic components: such as LED, WiFi module, On/Off Button etc. @HK$100 
Delivery: @HK$50/150/250 (HK/Asia/Rest of the World)

Devices with replacement part(s) will enjoy an extended 3 months warranty for the same repaired part(s) upon receiving the return unit.  If you claim warranty again within 3 months and need to replace another part(s), inspection fee HK$100 will be waived, charges for new part(s) (if any) will apply. 

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